Wear a Traditional Japanese Wedding Dress for your Anime-themed Wedding

Published: 19th January 2011
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The Japanese wedding dress is showing up more often at weddings of these younger generations since there are growing numbers of Western brides that are hooked on anime or cosplay. It's a wedding theme that is a lttle bit on the unusual side but the wedding dress definitely is absolutely not . You won't find any similarities between the Japanese and Western dresses, though, apart from the fact that they're both white . Plus, when the bride is seriously following Japanese wedding tradition, she'll need two dresses, not one.

The first wedding dress is for the ceremony only and is called a shiro-maku. Since the name literally means white and pure, or shiro and maku respectively, the dress will be all white without decorations at all . This white kimono is something so long that it's a common sight to see the bride having her attendants assist her at holding it up. Everything she will be wearing must be white, like her socks and wooden clogs, as well as her face to ensure that the gods can see that she is a maiden. At the wedding reception, the bride puts another kimono over this one. It's an entire contrast to the initial because it's sewn in bright colors and is completely decorated. It's a simple change, though, since the bride simply puts it on top of her shiro-maku. There are many happy colors to pick from although most brides pick red as it symbolizes happiness and good luck.

It's more usual nowadays for brides to utilise a wig called a bunkin-takashimada, which will be intricately done up. To attract good luck to this married pair, the bride's hair will be ornamented with intricate golden ornaments and pretty gold combs . The tsuno kakushi, a pure white hood, is worn on top of this bride's hair while the ceremony is going on. It's supposed to "hide the horns of jealousy" and represent the actual fact the marriage will be one undertaken willingly by the bride, who may be a serene wife in spite of having a mother-in-law! The hood is taken off after the ceremony, though, so the bride can show everybody her wedding finery. In many cases, the bride changes once more sometime into the reception - now into a Western-style gown.

The Japanese wedding dress takes in all the rich culture of the Japanese.

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