Wedding Dress Storage Box

Published: 14th June 2010
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Most brides spend a great deal of money on their wedding dress, not to mention the time and effort you invest in finding the right dress, having it altered, and fitting into it after dieting and working out. Your wedding dress is a priceless heirloom you'll want to preserve for future generations. You want to keep the dress safe and in the best condition, making it possible for you to gift it to a daughter or granddaughter in the future. Storing your gown in a proper wedding dress storage box will allow you to do this.

Many people think a garment bag or a normal storage box is ok for keeping a wedding dress in good condition. The truth is that a fine piece of clothing that is primarily stored and not worn can deteriorate under the wrong storage conditions. Utilizing a wedding dress storage box that is specifically designed to preserve the gown is the best way to maintain its quality and beauty for many years to come.

Acid found in cardboard can be damaging to the fabric of your gown over time. Temperature and humidity are other factors that can cause irreparable damage to the fine fabrics and embellishments of a wedding dress. Using a specially designed pH neutral storage box can keep your gown in top condition.

You should store your dress in a place that remains fairly consistent in temperature no matter external weather conditions. A storage trunk can be a perfect spot for limiting light, heat and humidity exposure. A storage box additionally ensures that the gown is preserved as best as is possible.

Storage boxes can keep the dress clean as well. Keeping dust and dirt off the dress allows you to maintain the dress without repeated dry cleaning. The pH neutral material of these storage containers keeps harmful acids from causing fabric discoloration or the breakdown of threads in fabrics too.

Some women like the idea of having a viewing window in their wedding dress storage box. While it is appealing to have a plastic window through which you can see your gown without having to open the box and remove the dress, it isn't the best way to preserve the gown. Light can damage and discolor fabrics over time, and a viewing window will only increase the chances of this happening.

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